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Keep going !!!

Speed bumps in the road ..

Keep going !!..

Like a lot of us , Ive found it’s been a bit of a strange couple of months lately , a few extra struggles here & there , life’s curveballs being thrown at us to deal with , things seem to have been just that little bit harder.

I’m still hovering at just over -10 stone loss so far ,which is AMAZING!

Before I started my journey, i never dreamed I’d get to that , I hoped I would , but I wasn’t convinced.

But now , I know I can get to goal ,I know how strong I can be ,As I’ve proved it a couple of times to myself..

I’ve realised that I do have the will power & I can , I’m determined and I will achieve my goals .I’ve got lumps & bumps & skin to tone up , but I will !

I’m just on a detour !🤪

If I’m honest, the last couple of weeks my mind hasn’t totally been on it , I’ve definitely been on a small detour , I’ve had a few things ( those dreaded curveballs again ) happen that I wasn’t expecting, I’m trying to deal with them ,& I’m digging deeper than normal to try & keep my mojo going & keep my Dolphins ( endorphins 🤪) happy

But that’s ok ... I’ve learnt its ok to have a couple of off days , we are only human , and sometimes we need to take a deep breath , refocus, and try and carry on ,it’s all we can do ,keep trying, and don’t give up !

We may have to deal with a couple of extra speed bumps in the road , but we can do that !

One thing I’ve learnt , is not to give up ,detours, & bumps in the road can & will happen , we just have to make sure we don’t let it be the end of our journey !

We have to stay strong.. and just try to carry on carrying on !

I’m so thankful for the support on here , it really helps to lift you up , in times of need !

Anyway ..enough of me jabbering..

How are you ?

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