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Just call me Bilbo-Baggins!!!

(Time for a clear-out !!....)

So I thought after 8 months on the Exante diet, perhaps it was time to sort my clothes out !! I’d been telling myself that they were ok still to wear and that I’d just be in baggy clothes.

Not that I’d really worn much of it anyway, as I’d basically been in leggings/jogging bottoms and a hoodie for ..... well quite frankly years !! .... x

So today was the day !!!!

Most of my clothes were size 24/26, with a few 22 that I’d been hoping to get into one day.

A few items of clothing were brand new at Christmas 2018, but they were too tight for me to even get on, in this case they have never been worn, I’d kind of been hanging on to them thinking one day, maybe one day!

My pants were just parachutes, and my Bras were a 44 DD.

I had to wear those extension things to just get them on, and regards to cup sizes, well I had what looked like 4 boobs each side!

So embarrassing though it is, I’ll admit that I never really wore underwear that much! (if I’d ever got run over for a second time in my life, the paramedics would of been a bit shocked to say the least!)

I basically tried them all on before bagging them all up to take to the charity shop, to show myself how far I had come.

I’m Excited to say that when I went shopping as recent as yesterday, I was buying 14/16 instead of 26. Strange that am still thinking "ah I need a 26" lol i'm sure ill get used to it.

On a plus side, I haven’t lost all my boobs, in my terms they had just gone a wee bit south but I've still got a pair, just a smaller back. So with the right bra <they have been hoisted back into place!

I'm now a proud owner of a pair of 36/38E .

And also for once in my life a matching pair of pants!!!

So again Exante is changing my life! ... I’ve not finished yet, but I’m definitely enjoying the journey.

So I strongly advise that if your losing weight, don't throw all your clothes away straight away

save some for future photographs, it will make you smile!



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