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It’s my Birthday!!

Well .....

I’m 44 Today !!! 🤪

9 months ago Today , I decided to try & change my life for the better .. I joined this wonderful Exante family and today I’m very thankful I’m now 8 stone lighter ! ( let’s hope my Birthday cake is kind to me tho ! Lol !)🤪

But , I really wanted to say Thankyou......Thankyou so much for Being part of my journey & helping me to find my Happy.. !

All your posts have helped me stay strong , with all your motivational words & amazing journeys that you share , I’m in awe of all of you , and I consider myself very fortunate to belong to an amazing group like this , that’s genuinely so encouraging and kind to each other 💕

Dont ever forget your awesomeness ,and to enjoy every moment of this amazing journey your on !

Stay strong !

You have got this !

And Don’t ever let a stumble in the road ,be the end of your story !.....



#exantediet #exante #Exantefamily #exantejourney #Losingweight #weightloss #Findingmyhappy

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