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It makes you smile on the inside too ! ( feeling better from within )

Since Being on plan, I have taken photo after photo after photo!.... which is strange as before Exante, I used to actively avoid the camra. I hated it if someone caught me on film, I used to hide if I ever saw a phone of camera pointing in my general direction!

But once I took the photos of myself on day one, I have continued to religiously take them, so I can compare them and notice any changes in me.

But apart from the physical changes that are happening, it’s the emotional ones that I’m loving.. I can actually see myself changing from a person who was very sad inside and trying to hide it, to someone who is bursting with happiness and energy!...

It shocks me to look at my eyes in the picture of before, so sad and unhappy, I genuinely thought that I hid it well, but I was only kidding myself!

I feel so happy seeing my confidence coming back, and I actually have started to love my apearance again, and I’m loving how I feel ........Happy!

So I would urge anyone to take as many pictures as you can on your journey, it will be the best pictures you will see, and when you look back, it will amaze you.And make you smile , and you should be very proud of how far you have come !

Not only does it change how others see you, it changes how you feel on the inside too !

And I think the most important thing in life is to be happy .

I still have a fair bit to do ... but I really am loving the journey I’m on , and I can’t wait to meet the new me ! Stay happy,

stay strong ,

we got this !!

Be kind to ourselves, We are finding out true selves, The ones who we are ment to be, it can take a bit of time.


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