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I’m constantly trying to learn all the different apps and social side

I’m learning all the time about the apps and social side , ( it’s normally a stab in the dark with me !!😂😂❤️) but I’m getting there slowly ( very !! 😂)

anyway .. I’ve just come across this .. and I’m hoping it’s my Instagram link !! ...

im not sure what you do with it , but I thought I’d put the picture of it on here incase people scan it ??!?..

or my normal link is below !! 😂

ive got some new IGTV on Instagram if you wanted to see !


I’ve popped some more recipe in my highlights at top of page of Instagram as normal ( it’s in the 200/400 calorie meal section!) .. there is hundreds in there so be warned ! Lol 😂)


I will get to uploading on here soon !

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