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Icecream.. yes please !

If I want it .. this is my favourite

When I feel like some Icecream, I have it ! ..

I was supposed to have this at the Weekend, but as we had the 2 storms up here .. My power went off & I only got it back on yesterday, so I had to wait so I could use the freezer!โ€ฆ



@exantediet soft scoop Icecream is absolutely lush ..

I love making a lot of the shake flavours up as Icecream or smoothiebowls , but my favourite

Is the @exantediet strawberry!!..

So creamy & tasty โ€ฆ

1x @exantediet strawberry shake ( or what flavour you like )

300 ml @alpro no added sugar milk

7-8 ice cubes

1 x frozen banana

I just mix the shake packet up with a frozen banana and some almond milk and some ice I a blender .. mix it all in until soft , thick & creamy & split between 2 dishes .. one to eat there & then & one to freeze for when I want ! โ€ฆ

( it freezes solid , but all you have to do is whizz it up in the blender again ! )


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