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Like a holiday in a glass ... !!

91 calories of @exantediet Gorgeous-ness !!!

OMG !!!

I love Icecream.. but not the calories & carbs .. I’ve made Icecream out of the @exantediet shakes last year ( I lived off them ! Lol ) .. but this is a new one for me !!!

I made a gorgeous Icecream out of the @exantediet Pina colada Burst !!.. ( and the strawberry & lime one which I will have tomorrow!)


But this ....

Oh myyyyy !!!!


I mixed a @exantediet pina colada burst with 300 ml of no added sugar almond milk and 2x tsp of mousse mix and froze in a old takeaway container then got out when I wanted and blended to get a smooth Icecream texture !!...

( I put 10g of chopped pineapple , papaya and coconut in to make it a tutie fruity type ! )


But all that’s added is

1x @exantediet pina colada Burst (14 calories)

Mousse mix - 17 calories

300 ml @aldiuk no added sugar Acti leaf Almond milk ( 60 kcals & 3.9 g carbs)


So 91 calories 3.9g carbs!!!


( my added fruit was a bit extra but not much !!! )

Like a much needed holiday in a glass !!!


Now I need the hot tub to go with it !!!



I’ll pop recipe into my Icecream one in highlights..


Anyway .... Hope your all well ?


I’ve nearly , nearly caught up with the messages, it’s taken me longer as I’ve had extra work & doctors and that , but I will !.. I promise!!..





Don’t forget I’ve got my 35 % discount code for Exantediet, in my link in bio , if you ever want !.. just add KATE35 at checkout!

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