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I’ve got a NEW bundle code to share with you !

Updated: Aug 2

I've still got my other 2 codes with Exante diet .. this is just an extra .. so you can use whichever code works out best for you !

Hello 👋

I’ve got another code to share for discount at @exantediet


So , as I’ve got a new Bundle code for @exantediet I thought I’d share !


And like the others you can use whenever you want to !

You can choose ANY 21 items of the Kate’s bundle list and pay just £30.00 !!!

And it includes a mixture of shakes , smoothies , porridges, meal pots , soup and plant based items !

Just use the KATEBUNDLE link in my linktree and enter KATEBUNDLE at the checkout!

I’ve still got my other codes too .. so you can still use them ( it just depends on which one will be better for you with what your order is , I have a different code for different bits , so you always get the best deal with what you need!

So the link is in my linktree in my bio ..

choose 21 meal replacements from the list , & enter KATEBUNDLE you get all for £30 !!!

The other codes are in my linktree too , if you want to use them !

Here is link to the bundle offer ...


Check my linktree for other codes and links too !


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#exantefamily #discount #protein #mealreplacement #proteinshake #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #weightlosscommunity

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