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I’m so excited about these New flavour drops !!

These are a game changer For me !!

Sometimes having something new to try can re invigorat you and keep you going ( it’s why I always love the limited editions and trying new products ( from many different places !)

But The NEW flavour drops from @exantediet are here ...

Arrrggghhhh !! ..::So exciting!!..

Well it had to be done to start my day , didn’t it !?!?!?!...



.An @exantediet porridge bowl with some extra bits !... ( I’ve added 100 calories extra for a treat )


And it really is as tasty as it looks !!!...

I added 5 @exantediet toffee flavour drops into my @exantediet porridge and a couple of vanilla drops and a teaspoon of cacoa powder into my Greek yogurt to flavour it !

Zero Calories, Zero fat, Zero Sugar - full of flavour…

Coming in Strawberry, Toffee, Maple Syrup and Vanilla!

You can add these to ANYTHING, such as coffees & tea, desserts, porridges, shakes/smoothies, pancakes and the list goes on! ... They are lush and are going to be an absolute Gamechanger for me !!..


.So this was my Breakfast bowl today !!...


Over 18 months since finding @exantediet and they still continue to surprise me & make me happy !! ❤️ !!...

Thankyou Exante !!!







.Dont forget I’ve got my 35% discount link in my linktree for Exante and other things ! Just use KATE35 at checkout when you order! ( discount is not on the flavour drops (yet )

linktree to take you there below if you want !!

but on all other things !)

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