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I’m giving myself a kick up the bum !!

I can’t stop now !!

.... It’s The Appearing Bench Today !!!!

I feel sluggish ...

I’ve been naughty and not been as active as I should of been !..

Has anyone else been the same ??...

I’m having to give myself a boot up the bum .. to get myself moving again , I’ve let it slide the last couple of weeks , I won’t lie , I’ve had so many curveballs thrown at me , & lots of stuff going on , I just haven’t been putting the extra Effort in ... and my Dolphins ( endorphins ) really aren’t happy with me & quite frankly, I’m disappointed in myself !... I could of least done a couple of workouts on TV !!!


This is what can happen when I neglect my Dolphins!( they get lazy & want to do less & less !!)

So ...

It’s Time to draw a line .... the gyms are open soon up here ,


it’s time to gear myself up and dust myself down .. as I’m determined to get on with losing my last bit of weight & tone up !!.....

So I’ve done a video of the appearing bench ! ,to get me back in the Zone & re - motivate myself !!...

These photos always remind me how far I have come & to keep going ! 💪💪❤️

Hope your all reminding yourself to stay strong aswell , sometimes we have to look back , take stock & remind ourselves to carry on !!!!!



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just enter KATE35 at checkout!!

I’ll pop my linktree up too !!

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