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I’m Doing a live on Exante diets Instagram page !!!

Friday the 22nd January at 6pm !!

I’ve been a bit quite this week (as I’ve had one of those weeks) !..

But .... I’m also Excited/ nervous/ excited!

As I’m Getting to do a live tomorrow at 6pm over on @exantediet Instagram!... ( friday the 22nd January)

It would Be great to see some friendly faces there ☺️☺️❤️..

I will be nattering about all new year goals and making a jelly live !!... eeeeek .. live !!!.. hehehe it be like Ready , steady , cook !!!.. and I’ll be answering questions too !!!

Really , really Hope to see you there ! Xx



Dont forget often you do , it’s on Exante s Instagram live ... the link will be shown on my grid !!


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