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I’m doing a live Instagram takeover on Friday at 12 on Exante !!

Eeeeeek !!!... ( I’ve everything crossed !)

I will be baking my Exante Christmas muffins packhack ( live ) and chatting about my journey and answering s as my questions that people ask !!..

come over and tune in if you can !!..


So , Friday at 12 , I’ll be Baking some Christmas muffins..LIVE... and answering any questions, and having a chat about my 10st weightloss journey ! ..



Keep everything crossed for me !!... ( hope I won’t burn anything! 🤔😂😂😜❤️... ) lol ...

It could go either way ... I’ve never done a LIVE before!!!!!😂😂😘❤️ 🤞🤞 xxx

and then it’s on Exante diet page ( your see details on mine !) xx



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