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I’m Doing a couple of lives on my Instagram & Facebook..

So Thought I’d share …

Hello !!!

Happy New year !!…

Hope everyone is well ?

Well I didn’t end the year quite how I wanted , but I’m excited to go for it this year .. weightloss , fitness & working on my happiness..

So, I’m getting ready to get back on it ..

And I’m also getting ready to start the lives that I said I would be doing on my Facebook and Instagram..

.. so if your interested they will start this Friday!!…

It will be good to catch up , have a natter share some tips & help each other !.. it’s always good to keep each other motivated!…


Have a fantastic start of the year …

I don’t know about you , but I’m determined it’s going to be a positive one , we got this !


#countingcalories #losingweight

#exantediet #weightlossjourney #weightlosscommunity #slimmingworld #ww #caloriedeficit #happynewyear #growth #mindfulness #positivity #wegotthis

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