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I curled my hair !!

At 45 I’m learning to do girlie things ! 😂😂❤️

I did a wee video on YouTube!!

if you want to see

From this morning when I did my Tiktok ... I’m having a play with hair & makeup in this video as I’m trying to cheer myself up !!.. And I’ve promised myself some #selfcare as I think it’s important we do on these journeys of ours !.. we need to keep ourselves happy !

So I hope your all giving yourselves time for selfcare too !... I really think it’s important we do !..

So , On my ongoing quest to find my inner girlie , since losing my weight .. I’ve just curled my hair myself for the first time in over 20 years .. !!.. I used @babyliss curl secret ( I got a voucher for my birthday to use from @lookfantastic So this old girl can learn new tricks after all !! ( well I’m trying anyway!!) lol also I’m putting on @esteelauderuk makeup and drinking my @exantediet bursts !..


I’m trying to be rock n roll ! Lol 😂


I’ve finally learnt how to speed things up in videos anyway ( my first successful video with it in , well kind of successful.. I do sound like a smurf in bits , lol .. but it made me laugh ! Lol 😂 !!! )

I’m learning!!!!!

Hope you all have a fantastic day !!!



.it would be great if you like & subscribe on YouTube aswell ( I’ve just popped this video on there too and some others and I’ve got my Instagram and blog too !..

I’m learning all these new things !!..

I update all my recipes and things daily on Instagram ..

And I’m even trying @tiktok !!!

.Oh .. and what do I put on my curls ? Hairspray or fixing spray .. and before or after I curl ?????

Help !! Lol !! X


🤣🤣 Im just chuffed I curled my hair !!!!

and it would be great if you subscribed !!!

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