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How others view you

Treat people with kindness xx

⭐️ Don’t let anyone dull your shine ⭐️

Sorry it’s a long one !..

But I wanted to talk about size & how it’s relative .

I see a few people getting hurtful comments from people they know , and I know first hand how it can upset !Everybody’s journey is different & the majority of people you know , are an amazing bunch of people that help & inspire daily , I consider each and everyone very special in being part of my journey,but I’ve recently found out that’s not always the case !

I was talking to somebody I know in person about how excited I was I got in my new red coat ... how that I’d only just got it done up but I’ll take it as a win as it’s so tiny compared to what I used to have !

And I experienced a conversation with her that left me sad and deflated with how some people can be !

When I excitedly said ‘it’s so tiny so I’m pleased as punch I even got it done up ‘.. she answers straight away ,

“ It can’t be that tiny !?, as you fit in it and smirked !.

..then when I looked at her , shocked , with mouth hanging open , she quickly stopped talking , went red and apologised and said “sorry .. I shouldn’t of said that .. it just came out .. I have a habit of saying what’s in my mind “( dig that hole deeper then ..why not ! )

.. I was stunned ! ,now ,I know she is very tiny ,she is size 6/8 ,but the jacket was a 10 & I had previously been a 26 at least !)

..But, that’s not even the point!.

Irrispective of whether the jacket was a size 10 or 26 ..I was excited to be in it , So it really ment something to me , emotionally more than how I looked !.. an achievement !.. I thought she would of been happy for me too !.

..So first hand , for a very long time , I realised how people can be slightly ugly on the inside ,not quite as lovely as you always thought !


Now I’m quite strong , So I didn’t let it get to me , but I know a few people that it would of hurt massively

So if you ever encounter it , please don’t let someone else’s failings upset you ❤️

They just obviously haven’t learnt to #bekind


Be happy , and you celebrate all your NSV’s !

And if you feel great ,it doesn’t matter what size u are!

Stay strong & stay safe xxx


you Blimmin well celebrate !


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