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How is everyone!

I thought I’d ask how everyone is ? - hope your all ok !?..




How is everyone!?...

it’s definitely a strange time at the moment and harder to keep motivated, that’s for sure !.. I hope you are all well & staying safe ..


I’ve put this picture up today as not only does it show several different pictures of me throughout my 18 month journey so far ( the face changes) but also the mood changes too , my confidence has grown , not so shy or sad or lonely.. it shows how losing weight has not only changed the way I look , but changed the whole inner me ... it’s helped my mind as well as my body .. it’s got me living my life again .. I had become lonely...( even though I have friends & family..) i don’t know about you , but I had retreated behind my wall , hiding from the world ... not wanting to go out , or socialise or interact with people.. I’d become a shadow of my self .. but the more I worked on getting healthy and fitter , the more alive I’ve become , the more confident and so much more happy , finding smiles were ever I can ! ..


Now... now I’m looking forward to each day!.. determined to make the most out of life !.. and embracing the new .. ME !!! ( once all this lockdown has ended and we all emerge , I’ll be grabbing it with both hands !)


So I wanted to say , if your on a journey of your own do , stay strong.. .. do it for yourself!.. remember how awesome you are and that you deserve to live your best life .

And stay strong.. life definitely throws you curveballs!!

(Especially at the moment!!) .. but no matter what , try and stick with it , keep yourself happy and take care of your body & mind !! ... .. we will get to our destination eventually!


And I cant thank the community on here enough for helping make that happen ! ❤️

And just to let you know .. I’m going to be putting up lots of different advice posts up and tips & tricks and recipes... on here and my YouTube and Instagram.. ( all the links are at top of page !

if there is any thing you would like it to be about or any recipes you want .. let me know and I’ll see if I can !!

Have a fantastic day ! ..

And keep your mind happy aswell as your body!.. be kind to yourself!


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