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Hot cross bun cheesecake

Thought I’d share this !!

Hot cross bun Protein cheesecake for Easter !

This recipe is to share Or have some and save the rest for later !

I got 4 perfect portions ..

So if you want to make for one .. just adjust recipe accordingly….

I made it using half packet @exantediet cinnamon swirl shake , @4x @weetabixofficial & 200g @fage_uk , I also used an limited edition hot cross bun bar from @exantediet that I had to use up , but you could use 200calories worth of raisins and oats with some cinnamon & nutmeg to get same texture

200g fage - 108 calories & 6g carbs

1/2 pack cinnamon swirl exante shake

100 calories & 8g carbs

1x exante hot cross bun bar 220 calories 18g carbs

( this was a limited edition bar I had left , but you could use raisins and a few oats instead to get same texture )

4 x Weetabix 274 calories & 54g carbs

160ml @alpro no added sugar almond milk 28 calories & 0.8g carbs

2-3 drops of @exantediet vanilla flavour drops

So , as I got 4 portions..

Each portion is …

183 calories & 21.8g carbs !!!

Whoo hoo !!!

Crush the 4 Weetabix up and mix with 160ml no added sugar almond milk

Once mixed , press down to make base .

Mix the @fage_uk Greek yogurt with the half packet @exantediet shake mix , the chopped up hot cross bun bar if your using , or 200 calories worth of raisins oats , nutmeg and cinnamon, it’s your choice … ( leaving a couple bits to decorate) and a couple drops of exante vanilla flavour drops and pop on top ,

Refrigerate for a couple of hours or overnight..

Get out and munch when your wanting it !

It really does taste gorgeous, and I think because of the cinnamon & nutmeg with raisins .. just like a hot cross bun !

Here is link to see the video on my Instagram

there are lots of other videos on there too , if you want to see !!!


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