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Hot cross bun -as a mug cake !!

Now this is quick and lush !! ( I’ve just had it for my breakfast!!

Another @exantediet “hot cross bun”but in mug cake form !!..

This is more soft and not as dense AND nice & quick !!


I’ll be sharing the protein ones and that tomorrow as I don’t want to kill you with “buns” 🤣🤣


So I used ...

1/2 packet @exantediet shake mix ( any you like ) ( 100 calories & 8 g carbs)

1x small egg white (17 calories)

10g @piurasuperfoods protein blend (OMG .. Lush & great for baking !) ( 38 calories calories & 0.4g carbs

10g mixed fruit ( 26 calories 6.3g carbs )

2-3 tbsps sparkling or still water ( I like sparkling as it gives it some oomph !..

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/8 tsp xanthan gum

1 tsp cinnamon

Some grated orange zest for flavour ( optional)


Totals 181calories & 14.7g carbs !!!


I mixed all the ingredients in a mug and crossed with a little coconut flour paste ( just coconut flour mixed with water & a little xanthan gum..)

Popped in microwave for 90 seconds ( check every now & then and adjust accordingly ( so you don’t overcook xx )


I’ll share my other ones this weekend!

It’s hot cross bun weekend!! 😜😜😂🐣❤️❤️

Hope you all ok and I’ll catch up after lambing !!! ( my mums sheep are due and I like to help !!) xxx 😘

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