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Homemade protein chocolates

Protein chocolates

( I did them in chocolates , but you could do them in 200 calorie bars , for a protein bar ! ..

This Is a “Packhack “for treat times ... (My idea was Easter ..)

.. ( you could also use 50g whey protein instead of the pack ...

So ...

as you saw from my stories in Instagram ,

I’ve been Naughty...

Well .. let’s say creative...

( I’m not proud of myself...well I am a wee bit !! 🤪)


I was fed up with looking for a low sugar , low carb type Easter egg or chocolates .. ( as I was going to treat myself to something this year !)

But All so expensive ( if you can even find them ! )

So , I made some protein chocolates out of @exantediet packs !

So it’s an @exantediet Packhack but you could just use 50g whey protein instead

each chocolate has between 40-50 calories &. 2-3g carbs ( depending on which one !!)

They are a fair size chocolate though ..

I got 20 big chocolates out of 1 x @exantediet shake pack .. so I’ll show you recipe for one pack and you can play around with flavour and that yourself with others !

( I probably could have sectioned them up smaller for smaller chocolates too !)


How I did it !

Mixed 1x packet of @exantediet shake mix with 50g coconut flour and between 40-50ml unsweetened almond milk ( it depends how firm you want them !)


After mixing into a “ball” I then weighed mine out so they were roughly 10g each ( so I got 20 balls )

I shaped them into the shapes I wanted then put them in fridge to set

For the dark chocolate ones I melted 40g no added sugar @aldiuk dairyfine chocolate in the microwave, then I dipped each “chocolate” into it and sprinkled my freeze dried Rasberry on top ! And put on wire rack in fridge to set ( the coconut ones I did the same but sprinkled coconut on !

The pink ones I did the same but I melted 30g of @skinnyfoodco chocolate unicorn spread with 5g coconut oil and then dipped.


So my @exantediet Rasberry & white chocolate vegan ones were 48 calories & 2.8g carbs each


My @exantediet pink raspberry & white chocolate ones were 52 calories & 2.9g carbs each


And my @exantediet coconut ones are 37 calories & 2.2g carbs each ...


It’s not the typical Packhack.. but for an Easter treat ,and keeping low carb & sugar ,for the odd one .

🤤 They are YUM 🤤

I’m making a protein Easter egg next week aswell !

Don’t forget I’ve got my discount codes for exantedietuk & other bits which may help !!


It would be great if you follow on Instagram if you can too !.. as i update on there a lot ...

Also I’m getting my closed group on Facebook a bit more chatty if you want a safe place to chat with like minded person!!..


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