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Homemade Low calorie & carb bread

So tasty and it freezes well …

Low calorie & carb bread

As you know , I love to make low carb bread .. and I try out a few recipes when I see them ..

Well I got hold of some oat fibre this week to make the lowest one yet ..

I normally use oat flour , but this is even better!..

And it’s lush !!

Low Carb Bread Ingredients

1 cup warm Water

1 Tbsp @allinsonsflour Active yeast

2 Eggs, slightly beaten

⅔ cup @aldiuk harvest morn Golden linseed

½ cup @buywholefoodsonline oat fibre

1¼ cup @nkdliving Vital wheat gluten

1 Tsp @rowsehoneyuk honey

1 tbsp of @hollandandbarrett psyllium husk powder

1 tsp Salt

2 tbsp softened butter

I put the wet ingredients in my @towerhousewares bread machine first then dried …

I put a tbsp of seeds in my nut dispenser .. ( first time I’d used it !)

And cooked it on basic large loaf setting …

And this is what I got ..

It’s about 2g carbs a slice and about 16 slices ..

But a perfect lower carb alternative for my toast !!

I’ll pop this recipe in my highlights with all my other #lowcarb ones !

You can make with a stand mixer too and then let rise ( like normal bread and bake in oven )

And it’s great to freeze in slices too !

Have a great #weekend !

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