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Hello and Thankyou so much for visiting my Blog ! Im going to be Blogging about my weightloss journey so far & try and pop any helpful info or advice I can along the way ... I’ll be posting about my Daily routine and talking about various things that are involved with weightloss... Posting up low calorie and low carb Recipes , and which Exante products I love to use . And I’m hoping to set up a forum on here so we can chat ... but I’ve got to learn how to do that ! Lol

Hopefully it will be helpful to others aswell as myself !! Im new to this .. so it will take a bit of getting used to ! But hopefully I will get it right ! Xx

Thankyou again and

Chat soon ! kate xxx

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Hi Kate, I’m thrilled to be in here as I love following your progress on the Exante site as well xxx

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