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Have your Toast & eat it !!!

You probably have seen before that I love making toast with my porridge oats ..

I was wanting toast today !...

And I was craving cinnamon toast with a wee bit of jam !!...


So I made some when I got home for my lunch !

It’s quite quick to do , to be honest !

Today I made it with my @exantediet ones .. but you can use any you wish , any that suits your plan ! ...

I just filled my @exantediet cinnamon porridge pot with boiling water ( not quite full as you want it thick ish ) , stored it with a fork ( to get all bit incorporated) then put lid on and waited for it to thicken ..

Then I spread it on a greased baking tray ( in shape of toast !) and cooked at 180 until browned ( if you want it extra firm turn over once set to brown both sides !)


I added a smidge of light butter and a wee bit of @skinnyfoodco jam !

YUM !!


Don’t forget , if you ever want , I’ve got my KATE35 discount code for Exantediet ( and other codes in my linktree) .. just enter the code at checkout!


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