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Gym food ( to eat back calories burnt)

I’ve recently started to go to the Gym and to swim to try and tone up my wobbly bits !!! And as I’m on the Exante 800 plan , you are supposed to eat back calories burnt. And sometimes I like to prepare this for the week ... a different way to get healthy protein after my workout..

6 x Eggs 378 kcals

100g mushrooms 22 kcals

100g spinach. 24 kcals

1x Babybel light 42 kcals

100 ml milk 44 kcals


Total 510 kcal

it makes a large frittata and I have 8 large slices out of it which means it totals ..

just over 63 kcals a slice ..... a different way to eat an egg !!

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