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Green smoothie

Added some spinach and was happily surprised !

Green superfood smoothie


Well … I was wanting to try out the @exantediet Banana superfood today , as I’m having a #letsseeifwecanshakeit week …

I also had some spinach to use up .. and you know me .. I hate to waste things 🤪

So I popped back home for my #lunch & made a green smoothie!!

Eeeek !

Now , this was brave for me ,as I’ll admit to you I’m a Green smoothie newbie , as I’d never liked the idea of veg in my smoothies…so I was a bit sceptical about it , as I wanted a nice light fruity tasting one and I was worried about tasting the spinach…

And now …..

Now I feel I’ve missed out in life as it was absolutely GORGEOUS !

And I really wished I’d tried it before !


I used 1/2 scoop of @exantediet banana superfood ( 22g) 100 calories & 8g carbs

1 small frozen banana -90 calories & 23 g carbs

Handful spinach (Cup ) 7 calories & 1.09g carbs

200 ml @alpro no added sugar almond milk 26 calories & 1g carbs

2-3 drops @exantediet vanilla flavour drops

Then I whizzed it all up in my blender…

It was so creamy and really was absolutely lush !

And it was roughly

223 calories & 33g carbs !

So I know I’m Very, Very late to the game of getting the added goodness of fresh veggies in my smoothies..

But I’m hooked !

So the first of many more I hope !

Do you have any good superfood smoothie recipes that use up your veg ?

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