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Green curry soup bowl !...

Catching my breath after a buisy week !!

Homemade Thai green curry noodle soup

This was sooo good !.. I used my homemade recipe for the green curry paste I made last year ( in highlights) as it’s so tasty and no hidden extras !)

Don’t laugh too hard at my picture! You know I’ve been saying that my brain is frazzled at the moment, (I’ve got a lot going on !.. ) well here is the proof !😂😂.. I took a picture of the @barenakedfoodsofficial rice with it instead of my noodle pack !..😂😬

..I need a holiday! 😂😂

I really , really do !!

And I need more noodles ! 😂

( but you get the idea !.. it was the pink packet of protein noodles I used !.. - I’ve added picture at the end !!..


You will need ..

1 spray @frylight

1 fat shallot, finely diced (7 calories &1.6g carbs )

2x tablespoon green curry paste ( see recipe in highlights )or use shop brought

100g stir fry mix vegetables ( 28 calories & 2.4g carbs )

500ml chicken or vegetable stock ( 30 calories & 2g carbs )

200ml light coconut milk (146 calories & 3.4g carbs)

1x tsp fish sauce

juice from half a lime, more to taste

1x pack rinsed & washed & heated @barenaked noodles (so it’s enough for 2 bowls ) (30 calories & 2.2g carbs )

200g prawns ( 210 calories & 1.8g carbs) ( or tofu or chicken, your choice but adjust calories accordingly) I used prawns as I love them

I Cooked off the small shallot &!the homemade green curry paste with the fish sauce , to cook off , added the stir fry mix and prawns to cook off ,added coconut milk and simmered , then I add warmed @barenaked noodles to each bowl ,

And once ready , divide “curry mixture” between 2 bowls ..

It’s sooo good !!

So whole lot was 451 calories & 23g carbs

225 calories & 11.7g carbs each Bowl !!

Winner winner .. noodle bowl ,NOT rice dinner !! 😂

..right , I’m going to lie down 😂

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