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Going into battle with a plateau ! ( I’m definitely in one !)

Well I’ve been a bit naughty lately... I hadn’t t gone to the gym for 2 weeks !! So this week was when I returned.. and god did it hurt ! Lol ( my own fault for staying away ! Lol )

But I had to get back into the swing of it after my trip away for @exante slimmer of the season photo shoot ( which was amazing!!) and then I had my Birthday... (44 now ...sob ) And I’m still sitting at 8 stone loss, so I’ve been that for 3 weeks , so I’m officially in a plateau!!

So now I’ve. Got to dig deep ... and do battle with those last couple of stone !!!

so I’ll be updating a bit more regularly again & Ive got the story of my slimmer of the season trip to post up too !! ..Lots of Fanblimmingtastic photos!!! ..... But I’m back in the swing of it !!....

Sometimes you have to dig deeper & carry on .... But we can do it !!...

stay strong

We have got this !!! X

kate xxx


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