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Getting back in the right frame of mind

A little update

Getting back in the right frame of mind and looking ahead again ..

( a different kind of post for me , but it’s how I’m feeling)

Morning ❤️

(Sorry about the startled look in the picture, but it was early !! Lol )

Ok … so , as I’ve said , I’m not completely on plan until I restart in January.. But today has already been a win for me .. ( I’m taking it as one anyway!)

I went into work early , early this morning.. with freshly washed hair , a little bit of mascara on and feeling happier than I have in a while !…

I have a feeling of positivity and a renewed energy hit me and felt the urge to take a bit of time on my appearance, just for me …

Its not much , I know , but It’s an improvement, believe me !

As , for a while there , I had gone back to baggy jumpers , no makeup and saggy bottomed jogging pants and if I’m honest , I wasn’t washing my hair as often as I normally do !🤪

Nothing wrong with that I know !…. and please don’t get me wrong , I wasn’t sitting around all messy and dirty or anything, I was just not bothered with my appearance as much as I was , i was back to wanting to hide away , to become invisible …but today is a good day , I’m up and feeling brighter than I have in a while !


Who else can relate ?…

I think we can all feel like that sometimes!..

I know that I will still have the odd “off”day, now & then .. as you know what emotions are like ! All over the place normally! 😜..,but this morning,it’s a positive feeling I havnt had in a while !…. its a small win & im celebrating it with everything I have !

Have a fantastic day and remember to celebrate every little win no matter how small !

As when you do , It’s like chicken soup for the soul ❤️

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Well done. I notice that when I'm a bit low, I don't bother so much with me and so may miss a shower and just wet my hair for work😬 I'm a don't notice🙂 I'm starting exante again this week. Have everything I need and so just actually need to start 😆 I've been reading a bit of your blog every so often. I don't really have any social media. Here's to a good 2022 full of daily showers and wearing mascara😘

Huge congratulations on your hard work so far. I've about 7st to lose to be ok. 10 would be better but is too big a number to contend with for a while!

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