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Fridge meals

I like to use all my stuff up in the fridge, as I hate waste !!..

@barenakedfoodsofficial at its best ..


This was a gorgeous 200 calorie meal for me !...

You know I hate waste and quite often make a fridge meal up , (we’re I use all leftovers that I need to use up .. ) .. well these noodles are perfect for that!.. I chopped up some leftover beef ( 100g ) and asparagus tips and mushrooms and dry fried with chopped garlic and ginger with five spice and soy sauce .. then added some chicken stock ... I got 2 portions out of it a 200 calories each ( just make sure you weigh yours for your calorie content )


For me I used 50g beef per portion and made up rest of the calories with the mushrooms, asparagus & noodles )

Nice quick and easy !!

AND yum !!!


.Very filling too !! ...

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