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Flatbread ?.. yes please !!

A little exante diet pack hack

Pack-hack Alert ...

Cheese& bacon flatbread made with @exantediet cheese& bacon eggs


I’ve just got home for my Breakfast/lunch .. it’s sunny and warm and I wanted a salad sarnie or something.. I had this !..

It was SO TASTY !!

And so easy to make !!

It’s not the first time I’ve hacked the @exantediet savoury packs to make a flat bread or roll or pitta even .. but it’s the first one for a while .. and today I need it , as I’m feeling a bit low ( nothing major , just a few things I’m dealing with , those many curveballs that life can throw at you , you know the ones ! ) and really wanted & needed something “sandwich “ like .. and rather than have a calorific one & fall off BIG STYLE .. I improvised and made something tasty with my packs ..

Just mix the contents of packet with less water ( just add a very small amount at a time to make into “dough”like consistency ) and roll out between 2 bits of greeseproof paper ... ( you use a small amount of gluten free flour or flour of choice if needed to keep from sticking) and spray a frying pan with small amount of @frylighthq and cook on both sides until browned...

I topped mine with some lean ham , tasty salad and @skinnyfoodco garlic & herb sauce .. It was AMAZING xx

Hope your all ok ??...

And I’ll catch up soon when I’m more me ! ...


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