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Exantediet Hot cross buns ..

I’ll be sharing a few different low calorie and carb versions of hot cross buns as I don’t want to miss out ..

Well .. I don’t want to miss out on a hot cross bun season,But I’m needing low carb ,and everyone was out of stock !

So,I’ve got 3 or 4 different recipes (depending on how many calories & carbs you want added ) - some packhacking some just low carb protein baking ...

I asked which one people wanted to see first ,and the @exantediet hot cross bun was the winner !( I’ll show others later today and tomorrow!! )

But , first up , I thought I’d share an @exantediet one !


1x @exantediet shake ( I used a vanilla) but you can use whichever you wish !

50 ml water

1/4 tsp xanthan gum ( for texture)

1 x tsp baking powder

1x tsp cinnamon

(Raisins optional ) I added 5g so 14 calories & 3.3g carbs )

( 10g @myproteinuk oats ( 39 calories 6g carbs) whizzed up into ‘flour’ ,these are optional & you could use coconut flour instead

Mix shake packet , baking powder , xanthan gum and oats /flour with 50 ml water ( + slowly incase you don’t need it all ,you don’t want mixture too wet ( keep a bit of shake mix back for flouring hands to mold bun )

I like to add some oats to make it more crumb like texture , but the Xanthan gum will help with that .. ( it’s just ALOT more bun like with oats or coconut flour ...)

.Mold into bun shape and cross with coconut flour mix

( I used coconut flour , xanthan gum and water and piped it on , you won’t need much )

Then I popped it on a greeseproof baking sheet and sprayed with butter fry light and cooked in oven at 175 for 15-20 mins - depending on oven so check !


I cut in half and put back in oven to ‘crisp’ a wee bit and had some butter on it !

It really was tasty ,it wasn’t as “fluffy” as a normal hot cross bun , more scone this one ,slightly denser, and I think it could of made 2 ‘buns’ as it was quite big ,but I really enjoyed it !

I’ll share my other ones this weekend!

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