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Exante spring slimmer of the season photo shoot (Eeeeek so exciting!)

Well Wednesday morning (12th feb) I will be catching an early flight to get to Manchester...

Its the day of the Exante spring slimmer of the season transformation photoshoot !!! Arrrrggghhhh I’m so very excited & nervous at the same time !

Im going to be treated to a transformation makeover (and to be dressed in some gorgeous clothes ! ) Then I get to stay in a Beautiful Hotel for the night before travelling back the next morning, and I get to have my 44th Birthday weekend - what a week ! It’s definitely going to be an experience I’m never going to forget!

Ive gone from 22st 6.5lb and I was 14st 11lb ,last weighday (my next weighday is officially tomorrow , so I will probably do it Friday morning this week .. in time for my Birthday night out !) So at the moment I’m so very nearly 8st down and feeling great !

I still have more work to do to get to target, so I feel very blessed that i got the slimmer of the season and I feel extremely lucky and very very thankful xx

I still have various hang ups with my body ( as i’m sure we all do , no matter what we look like ... it’s life I suppose ) but I’m slowly getting used to the differences In me so far , and I still have lumps & bumps ( all character I suppose ! Lol ) but I am aware that it can take time to tone up and loose a bit more to get to my goal , but I’m loving every day more & more . I’m going to enjoy each and every step of this process and take pride in how I look now & look forward to the next milestone In my weightloss journey too.

So the fact that I’m going to have a makeover is amazing to me and I just know I’m going to feel like a million dollars , no matter what !

And it’s going to be exciting and scary at the same time , as over the last few years, the majoriry of my clothes have been jogging bottoms and hoodies, baggy jumpers & leggings... and anything else that would fit & hide my body ..... so this is definitely going to be different! Xx

I will be blogging about it and making the most of this very special experience. Thankyou so much if you voted for me and thankyou Exante for the experience I’m about to have !

Hopefully I will have some more glamorous photos soon ! Looking forward to Wednesday!!

And I’ll be popping snippets on my blog over the week ! Xx kate


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