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Exante Pizza Extravaganza Well, It is my Favourite thing !

Since day one these have been my favourite go to meal.

The pizza comes in a box of 7, I must say each and everyone of these are priceless to me!

Each serving comes with a dough base to make along with a sauce packet, you just add both with water.

Be creative !... I like to add herbs to my base and sometimes the sauce too and some garlic maybe!!...

Personal tip: Use less water than it says to make the dough to allow consistency, then you can roll between 2 sheets of greaseproof paper. I always fry my baseI’m a frying pan with a squirt of fry lite to stop any sticking , then fry both sides in pan until just browning.

I put the base on a oven sheet and spread the sauce on.

Then I like to add my 200 extra calories to it, to make it that bit special... With this in mind, I will have a 400kcal meal in the evening (normally weekends) .. I add various things from chicken, ham, babybel light, mushrooms etc whatever takes your fancy.

My advice is just double check that it’s low carb and check calories added don’t go over 200! also I will add yes sometimes I do have a salad garnish with it. WINNER , WINNER ......

That’s my Saturday Dinner !

Much love

kate x

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