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2 days of 42% off using my code xx


I know I’ve been Absent for couple of days , ( im just taking a few days for me after losing my beloved Matilda Dog, my best friend & constant shadow for 11 years , I’m also dealing with someone close not being very well at all xx )

But I’m trying to stay strong 💪

But as I just found out about this @exantediet event & I just thought I’d let you know , incase you wanted to use it and it might be helpful …

For the Next 2 days you can use my code KATE35 at @exantediet checkout and get a massive 42% off your WHOLE order ! …

I must admit I’ll be getting a few of my favourites in !

I Hope your all ok and I promise i will be back on here again soon xx I’m just still a bit bruised & not quite myself ❤️🌈xx

But , I wanted to say , Thankyou for all your lovely messages xx They have helped MASSIVELY xx

( I will reply to them soon , when I’m feeling a bit more ..ME xx ❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈)

❤️so remember if you want to use , Just enter KATE35 at checkout if you want , for a whopping 42 % off your WHOLE order ❤️

Have a great day everyone xx

And Take care xx

( I hope this doesn’t sound all mixed up , it’s just I’ve got brain fog at the moment and can’t concentrate xx !)

But here is my linktree if your wanting the links aswell..



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