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Exante Burst jellies!

I love these !

PINA COLADA jellies !!!!!!!

@exantediet style !

As I’m out and about and having a few days holiday going here & there around the Area …

I made these for the weekend!

It just uses 200 ml boiling water , 2 gelatine leaves and an @exantediet burst sachet mixed all up and put in fridge to set !…

You can do the same using a veg gel too but I don’t quite know the measurements for that !..

As I always do my jelly sweets for the weekend, I thought I’d add a flavour this week !

@exantediet pina colada burst !….

So good !!!

Now I’m itching to do the #ginandtonic ones !!!!

But I’m in love with these !!!

And All set for a #movie tonight tonight !!!

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Use whenever you want ! link below !


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