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Egg foo youngy ... type thing !

(it does taste good !....)

I had a craving for a Chinese as I’d been feeling like poo and full of cold , but didn’t want to come off plan !

so I kind of threw together this ....

200g chicken breast. 320 kcal

6 eggs. 378 kcal. 3.6 carb

100g mixed veg. 60 kcal. 5.9 carb

200g bean shoots. 60 kcal 11 carb

Pinch garlic

100g mushrooms. 22kcals

pinch Chinese 5 spice

1x chicken stock 32 kcal

soy sauce

cup water

872 kcal 20.5

Divide by 4 portions = 218 kcal 5.12

Spray fry lite in pan, add chopped mushrooms & cook, set to one side.

Cook diced chicken and put to one side, whisk eggs with seasoning, add to pan, cook like omelette.

Then add cooked chicken, mushrooms, mixed veg and bean shoots and all herbs & add chicken stock xx simmer till cooked.

You can add or substitute many things ... mine changes all the time depending on what’s in my fridge ! Xxx

So I’m the end a nice Saturday night was had ! Xx


kate xx

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