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Egg, avocado and ham low carb breakfast roll ..

Or any other time of day !!

Oh myyy Yummmmmm!!!


Early breakfast for me today as I just couldn’t sleep & I’ve been up since silly o’clock …( nearly got up at 3 am to make some protein bread , but I didn’t want to wake the house up !!..😂😂😂)

But this was EPIC !!!

Egg , avocado ,ham & cheese breakfast bap ...

I got my last homemade protein bread bap out of the freezer .. ( so I’m making more today ) …

But this was lush! Xx

20g avocado ( 32 calories & 1.7g carbs )

1x small egg ( 54 calories & 0.2g carbs)

1x slice @aldiuk ham ( 20 calories)

1x slice @dairylea_uki light cheese ( 34 calories & 1.4g carbs )

1x homemade protein roll ( 35 ish calories & 0.2g carbs as I used half my original mixture of my recipe & got 6 x rolls ) - protein bread recipe in my highlights..

So for this roll of gorgeous-ness it was ..

175 calories & 3.5g carbs !!

And I used @skinnyfoodco baconaise sauce & tomato ketchup!!

Very very yum !!

I’m off today , so I’m away to do some batch cooking and make some bits & bobs .. ( I’m also making a low carb Victoria sponge , which I’ll share once done ..if you want ?!)

what you up to today ?..

don’t forget I’ve lots of recipes for n my Instagram too !!

And discounts..

I’ll put the Linktree link here if you want to see !!


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