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Don’t mind if I do !.... (One of my treats to have on film night)

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Well I Decided to have a play and see what I could make with one of the packs ... and I was looking for the muffin cases, but I came across my pop cake mold !....

So I decided to try something.....

I used to love watching a film , with all the treats that go with it, but I was determined to stay on plan....

So I wanted something chocolately and gooey .. so went to my Exante draw to see what I could do...

So I mixed up the packet to cake mix consistency, then filled up mold , & pop in preheated oven at 160 for about 9-10 mins ( it was just cooked and slightly gooey still , lessen or plus time time to suit your oven ! X

And I have my trusty skinny syrups in my fridge, to help with these kind of moments!

So I rumaged around and got them out and had a bit of a dip !!! X

But I thought I’d just share what I had for my Saturday night movie Treat !... 100% on plan and totally guilt free !!!

So just goes to show , that your imagination can be a lifesaver too ! X



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Clare Parker
Clare Parker

I love this post I am catching up on all your posts and it is giving me so much encouragement that I can do it too. Will deffo try these xx


Kate Cradduck
Kate Cradduck

Same here xx never been gooey , so I decided to do different stuff with them xx but I have been told that cooking it less and in a smaller dish they stay gooey ... so I will experiment! Xxx


Ohhh look lush .. the gooey chocolate pudding has NEVER worked for me .. always tastes like eating a bath sponge 😢🤦‍♀️ xxx

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