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Don’t give up now !!...

I had a little reflect on things and I thought I’d share .. as I know that we are probably all in the same boat !!

Don’t give up now !! 💪💪💪❤️


There is now Over 63kg less of me , ( to be fair I’ve been sitting on that benchmark for a while , but I’m still there , so that’s the main thing..somethings can take time )

I took the first picture 678 days ago today .. in exactly the same place as I’ve taken it this morning!

( I was sad & scared then and hiding from the world .. today I’m a lot different!!)

But At the time, never in a million years did I even think the world would go into lockdown in the middle of it rearranging my plans !! Lol (those Blimming curveballs that life like to throw at us !!🤪)


My journey has amazed me & even tho it kind of went on pause , I’m still enjoying it and I’m still learning about myself & my body every day .

The last few months have been harder , physically & mentally, as I really have missed the routine I had at the gym and swimming was a big thing with me !.. but I’ve kind of maintained since so I’m glad I’ve got my eating under control

I still need to tone up and I really want to get this last bit off ,but once the gyms open , I know that will happen & im really looking forward to getting stuck in ..


So if you have been struggling that little bit more than usual or your motivation has been hit & miss .. you are not alone ,I think we are all amazing for still trying .. as that’s the most important thing!

All we can do is put one foot in front of the other and try to do the best we can ,day by day !

And We need to be kind to ourselves and remember that we are doing fantastic , Day by day , we will get there !

Stay strong ,

Don’t give up now !!..

We have got this !

So.... How is everyone today ??

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