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Don’t give up !

Your worth the time ..

Don’t give up !….

I thought I’d do a #throwback picture today ..

Even though I’m a couple of stone up from my lowest weight, (as I’ve talked about in my lives, those pesky bumps in the road ! 🤪, as you know I’ve definitely had my share !)

I’m no where near my heaviest, and I’ve come a long way, mentally as well as physically ..

I’m starting to settle back into the routine and finding my smile again ..

The journey is not always a straight line, there can be detours and bumps in the road ..

Curveballs can happen and may throw you of course..

And the journey is mentally challenging aswell as physical..

Just Remember to be kind to yourself, and if you have the odd setback don’t beat yourself up.

Life gets messy sometimes, and you can’t always be perfect


But if a bump happens, don’t let that be the end of your journey..

Just reset when you can, and try again ..

Fight back for what you want ..

You can do it !💪💪💪


I’m Digging deep to get back where I was .

So …. Keep going !

Wherever you are on your journey,

Stay strong !

You have got this 💪

There will be ups and downs .

But if you stick with it .

You will get there in the end !

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