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Don’t get hung up on the scales (It’s a rollercoaster of a ride !)

I’ve now been on Exante roughly 8 months ... So I’ve got used to how my body can behave..

And believe me it can be strange ....I’m a daily weigher, like I’ve said before, it keeps me on track ... but during that week it can be all over the place ... but on my weighday, it’s the figure that counts .... as long as you keep in mind that it will fluctuate, it’s all good .

And if there is one bit of advice that I think is very important , its stay strong and stick to it , trust in the plan it does work.. sometimes you will have a fantastic loss , other weeks not so much and others you will stay the same ! ( or even gain depending on various things!)

( hormones, water retention, food waste in your body, time of day or month , and many more ..)

If you think about all the different things that can effect the scales , it’s not surprising! ...

It can be very frustrating when your sticking to plan , and doing everything right , and you only lose a small amount, But a loss is a loss ... you won’t always have huge ones ... the more you have to loose the greater the losses will be at the start .. so everyones weightloss journey is different . Don’t be disheartened if you have the odd week we’re you think it’s going slow or not at all (it will go eventually, if your sticking to plan ,trust me ! Xx )

I made sure I took my measurements when I started , as it’s these you want to check if you think nothing is moving ... I had a couple of weeks were the scales were slow , but the inches were disappearing! .. so it can help keep you focussed and stay on track .

As you can see by my charts it’s never a straight road ..and sometimes it’s been just steady , but it’s all going in the right direction And overall I’ve been excited with the journey no matter how steady or quick it is ! I have been lucky with the amount I’ve lost so far , but I did have an awful lot to lose and still have more to go .But I will get there eventually! Don’t compare your weightloss to others , it can be deflating , we are all so very different and so are our journeys...and It’s your journey that is the important one ! Onwards & downwards

we go !

We have got this !



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