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Diet ? ...what diet ?!?!

Well, if your like me and your coming down from being a bit naughty after the festive period, then this could hit the spot! Exante curry pimped up a bit.

I've used some of the Extra 200kcal allowance to add some bits to fill it out a bit, to achieve this, i've added some konjac rice as the base with a small amount of Deli ham, also added are mushrooms & spinach to the curry. YUM! -

I find this will fill it out a bit, and doesn't take you off plan!

I added about 100kcals of low calorie and low carb extras, this still gives me 100kcals to use for the rest of the day.

With preference, you could add 100kcal worth of chicken too, to make it a evening feast!

I did this because i'd only had 2 meal replacements so far!

Win win for me !!

Day Successfully done xxx

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