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Daily updates on my Instagram too !!

I thought I’d share this incase it’s of any interest xx

Hello ,

Hope you all ok .. And I really hope this is ok to post .. But I thought it may help someone.... I get lots of messages from people to ask bits and bobs so I thought I’d just share this ...

I have an Instagram page we’re I share ALL my packhacks and 200 & 400 calorie recipes that I’ve done throughput my journey, I try and share everything I can ... There is lots to see .. and I’ve got IGTV videos too ! Xx

So if you want to follow or know someone who does , it would be fab to see you there ! Xx

please come over and see at

would be great to see you there too ! Xx

I will be updating some stuff on here too ! Xx lots & lots to put on ! Xx

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