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Crusty low carb bread !!!

This is life changing! Lol 😂

Oh Myyyyyyy !!!!! ...

I can’t believe how excited I am about this !!

I’m posting my Dinner late as I’m only just getting over how good it was !!!


I saw this on a page the other day and I had to try ( it’s Amazing , so Thankyou for sharing !!)


I made mine with

12 medium eggs (756 calories & 6g carbs)

50g @myproteinuk egg white powder (168 calories @ 2.6 g carbs )

THATS IT !!!!..... can you believe it !?!?..


That’s all that’s in it !!!

Separate the eggs carefully ( you don’t want any yolk mixed in yet )

Put the yolks to one side ..

Whisk the egg white until stiff , adding the @myproteinuk egg white powder a little at a time ..

Stir on egg yolks carefully ( you don’t want to lose any air )

Pop into a frylighted Bread pan and cook on 140 until browned ( mine took about 45 minutes) .. turn off oven and let sit in oven for 20-25 mins , so it doesn’t get shocked and sink when you get it out ...

cool on wire rack and cut and munch !!

I made a BLT with mine with Turkey bacon , tomato and lettuce and some @skinnyfoodco baconaise sauce ! 🥓!...

Calories or whole loaf is 924 & 8.6g carbs !!

And I reckon I’ll get about 18-20 slices !!!!

That’s roughly 45 calories a slice ! ...

ibe put the video of it on my Instagram and YouTube aswell ( it has music on there too !! ) and I’d love it if you had a look or have it a share or a follow or Subscribe!


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