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Coffee “Nicecream”

Ooh it’s a good one !

Coffee “Nicecream”…..

(Because coffee makes everything better!)

AND COFFEE & ICECREAM together!?!?..

Well it’s lush !!!


And it’s Using only 3 ingredients!

People have been asking the kind of things I’ll have after a workout or things I’ll use my 200 calories on …

Well this morning…

It was this !

1x frozen banana - 100 calories 25g carbs

1x @exantediet cold brew burst -11 calories

( but you can use whatever flavouring

you choose )

200ml (ish ) @alpro No added sugar almond milk -26 calories

It was so Blimmin good !!!

I had it for a protein hit after my workout!!

Just add the ingredients together in your blender and whizz up ..

Top tip is to add milk slowly as you can then stop when you get the consistency you like !

The less milk the firmer it is !

The whole bowl was only 137 calories!!!

And did I say how good it was !?!?



It’s DAY 7 today on the #losingit4summer challenge… so how is everyone doing ?

Stay strong over the weekend..

….and remember..

Just think of how we will feel in 12 weeks time if we stick with this !!!

You got this !


DONT FORGET TO hashtag #losingit4summer on your posts if your on the challenge so we can all cheer each other on !!!!

Ad| Don’t forget My discount KATESLOSINGIT is in my bio for @exantediet if you ever want to use !

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