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Christmas Brownies...

Using @lodough mix and adding that bit extra !..

As im following @exantediet , I like to stay on plan as much as I can .. But this is a recipe for a celebration , for that special moment that’s lower in calories & carbs than a normal version... so you can still keep an eye on what your having , so You can have a piece when your family does too !! And I don’t feel left out !.. ..


Low calorie Christmas Brownies...

They come in at 126 calories each & 19.9 g carb ( If you do 9 large ones out of it ... )

I added my Christmas bits to the brownie mix ..


1x brownie mix ..

250 ml of water

20g almonds -140 calories 1.2g carbs

20g cherries 140 calories 14.8 g carbs

10g goji berries 37 calories 5.8g carbs

20g mixed dried fruit 60 calories 14.2g carbs


So added to the brownie mix it was 1137 calories 179g for the whole thing !..

As I said , I chopped them into 9 ( but to be honest it’s extremely filling and they all could of been halved again and I could of got 18 !!) - so that would have been 64 calories each and 10g carbs ... so it’s up to you , on how you want to do it !!

Mix all ingredients together and bake in a lined brownie tin for 20 mins at 190 .. cool on wire rack and decorate and munch xx


More recipes I’ve used on my weightloss journey are on my grid and in my highlights of my Instagram if you would like to see .. ( I’m adding them here slowly tho ! Xx )




I do have a discount link for lodough and other bits in my bio ! And my linktree!..

And don’t forget my code in my linktree for @exantediet is 40 % off at the moment

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