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Chocolatey peach & mango yogurt pops ..

I made these on my live the other day and thought I’d share ..

Chocolatey Peach & mango juiced mini ice creams ..

( you can use any flavour you choose really, but I love this one !)

I have made these with the added fruit this time , but works just as well without.. just add a bit of extra liquid if your leaving out fruit ..


1 x serving of peach & mango @exantediet juiced

1x peach ( chopped )

1/2 mango ( chopped)

200g greek yogurt or skry yogurt ( again your choice)

Melted no added sugar chocolate ( about 50g )

Blend the mango, peach , yogurt and juiced in a blender ..

Pour into Icecream moulds if you have them or you can use old yogurt pots if you haven’t .. add lolly stick ..

Then freeze..

Once frozen ( at least roughly 4 hours, if not longer )..

melt chocolate of choice and & pour into a pot thats wide enough that you can dip the Icecream in .

Then get icecreams out and dip in chocolate..

It should harden almost instantly, place on grease proof paper until fully set ..

place in freezer again and you can double dip if you want , just reapeat the dipping bit !

Once set , I bagged mine up to have when I feel like one ..

I got 12 ice creams at roughly 75 calories & 5g carbs each

This was the pack I hack I did live , over on the @exantediet closed Facebook group !.. I really enjoyed it !..

I’ve added the link to my Facebook , if your wanting to go and watch !..


( you may need to grab a coffee as I natter on xx and the first minute I’m waffling on to my self as there was a technical glitch ( my fault 😬😂.. but I get there in the end ! )

Happy Sunday!…

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