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Chicken Soup

Updated: Jan 9, 2020

( Low calorie & low carb bowl of gorgeousness for when you have the lergy ! )

Hello !

I don’t know about you, but I always have chicken in my fridge to cook for after gym and for my 200 kcal meals ! ....

So when I was absolutely miserable with a cold I decided to make my chicken soup that I absolutely love .... I don’t have This one all the time ,only as a pick me up , or if I’ve been more active than normal ( and also if I have to use stuff up in fridge ) it’s a good healthy option OCCASIONALY . I make it in one big pot and weigh all ingredients so once cooked I divide up into portions , to use as part of my extra kcals , so I can freeze it down and just get it out when I want ! X

The Ingredients for this one are as follows :-

200g cooked chicken 220 kcals 0 carb

100g Leek 61 kcal 12 carb

50g of carrot 21 kcal 5 Carb

50g of celery. 7 kcal 1.4 carb

50g suede. 18 kcal 4 carb

50g parsnip 38 kcal. 9 carb

100g cauliflower rice 40 kcal 4 carb

50g sprouts. 22 kcal. 5 carb

chicken stock cube 30 kcal. 2 carb

457 kcal. 42.4 carb I get 4 bowls out of it , so that’s ..

114 Kcals a bowl and 10.6 carb ( so a few calories left to have and not too bad on the carb as a meal ... )

( can you see what I’m doing here ! ...Lol I’m using up all my veg from crimbo ! )

Sometimes I replace the Root veg with mushrooms and spinach , a lot lower carb .. I’ll pop that one up on page later ! Xx *Just remember, you Can make it lower carb if you wish depending on your plan .... experiment with what suits you ! X xxx

Dice all veg up and spray with fry lite and sweat in pan then add 50g of cauliflower rice add seasoning and teaspoon garlic powder and then add chicken breast , cook on further until brown . Add 1 litres of boiling water to a chicken or veg stock cube , pour over and simmer till vegetables are soft , if it’s too thick add extra boiling water until desired consistency
Enjoy xx
kate x

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