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Bouncing off the walls .. happy feeling!

A little bit about my yearly trip to the Christmas market!..

Sorry for the long post ..

But I had to share something with you ...

I had a VERY HAPPY #nsv yesterday.. my husband took me out for our Christmas #datenight ...

I went to the Christmas market ... (as I have the past 3 years )... same place , same time .. but this year I was 10st lighter after being on @exantediet for about 18 months .. And I felt actually happy inside , really truly happy .. you know the kind of happy ...the bounce of the walls feeling fantastic happy !... instead of just grinning & bearing it and just pretending to the world that I was kind of thing !!



Don’t get me wrong , I’ve always enjoyed it , of course I have , but there was always a part of me that didn’t want to be there..that wanted to be at home hiding , as I just wasn’t happy with myself!.. I’d let how I thought I looked to the world consume me !...

BUT ..THIS year .. THIS year , I was so much happier and was finding myself brimming with extra excitement & happiness!.. this year .. instead of moaning I was tired , or my back hurt , or I wanted to go home , I had walked through the city center and around all the shops and market for 5 hours and I was still full of energy.. Still enjoying each and every moment...making the most of it and catching up for lost years ...

...the times before, I was tired & scratchy and had had to have painkillers, just to help my back pain and get through the day !..

So this year it was like seeing it and enjoying it for the very first time .. like a whole new experience!..


As this year ..

...I love myself again ! ❤️😊


I just wanted to say ... Keep going on your journey, stay strong , you deserve to do it for yourself ! and if your looking for it , go get your happy !!... ❤️

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