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Berry , berry happy indeed! (An Exante berry mashup )

Well I Had 2 products left to use when it got to my tea ....

So I was wondering what to have ! Then I remembered that I got sent an Exante Rasberry & blueberry special edition pancake mix to try ( by a very nice lady from the Exante official group ,so thankyou you ! x)

Anyway, I decided to try an Exante Berry mashup ! ... And OMG !!! I’m so glad I did !!! ..because I created this gorgeous meal of gorgeous-ness!!!!!! I made the Berry yoghurt muslie, as per instructions ( but left it to sit for a bit to soften fruit & muslie)

Then I got 4 raspberries and blackcurrents With a table spoon of juice ( I have a frozen fruit bag in freezer )

And proceeded to make pancakes stack to look pretty & eat ! ....

I think I’m still in heaven now ! X

It really did hit the spot and I feel quite happy & satisfied ! I will be ordering more !!!

Hope your having a great day !



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