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Beauty box from Exante ! (Love a limited edition!! )

I was lucky enough to get a limited edition Christmas beauty box in December... And I’ve only just had time to look at it !!! Xx

Always very exciting to get a few extras and to

try some of the goodies out ! .... well I can honestly say that the Bars are Gorgeous.. ( I warm them up slightly in the microwave as I do most of my bars if I’m at home ) soooo tasty !

And the shakes ... well I wasn’t let down , They are All very Tasty !

And having the little beauty items to try is going to be great xx (I Love a bit of pampering ! ) so I’ll get to see what they are all like.

Now I think I’m going to need to get the Birthday box to try !!! X

I do like the fact you can get all the different flavours to try ! Xx

And I do love a limited edition!

kate xxx

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